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delusionfade [userpic]

New Ideas

June 22nd, 2005 (04:09 pm)

Almost every other graphic novel out there is somewhat identical to my plot. Or shall I say my grapic novel is identical to every other graphic novel. I didn't intend for this to happen, but I guess we focus just a bit too much on the end of the world. ;)

A list of what my novel and other novel's have in common:

The desolate land full of destruction and debris...
The killer strippers...
The somewhat superpowers...

But NO ONE has Lampy, thus Lampy will stay.

I'm going to revise and attempt a plot that isn't close to anything written before.
For instance, I might make the plot a bit more real than how it was originally planned. I need to research current affairs to make sure this whole civil war might happen and is somewhat believable.

If you have any input please share, and if I use your idea it will be credited.


Posted by: Travis (the_fleem)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2005 07:04 am (UTC)
Part I

If one takes a look at history, one might find that the main reason civil wars, riots, and revolutions occur is due to simple oppression. The French, Vietnamese, and American Revolutions (to name a few) were all started due to oppression. First point in fact.

Now we must ask, What opposes people? Frequently, they come at a point in time where the middle class in low in numbers. Where almost everyone is either rich or poor, and the poor vastly outnumber the rich. The highest point in these demographics is the time when people are most angry about their situation. With the rising cost of everything due to inflation, the value of the dollar plummets, thus creating a larger poverty-stricken population. Inflation is caused by one thing and one thing only: The rising value of land. Economists predict that around the year 2015, the value of land with drop steeply, in order to collapse to prevent the dollar from losing its value. The people in position to take advantage of this will have sold all their land for top price, and then buy it all back by the time it is at it's lowest. Thus making the rich, even richer.

It is not hard to imagine many of the people who own land and lease it out, banks, for example, would sell their land from out under the feet of the people leasing it to buyers in order to take advantage of the upcoming price drop, leaving millions homeless. The people who bought the land before the drop are in possession of something they spent millions on that is practically worthless in comparison. The people who bought the land after the drop paid almost nothing for the land, and with the added value of the dollar, are made into virtual trillionaires.

Overall, the already rich land owners are made extremely rich and the middle class is left homeless
and poverty-stricken. Thus begins the second Great Depression. No more middle-class in an oppressed and depressed society is grounds for revolution by the lower class, now given much more artillery.

Now, no one can say this will happen, but economists aren't paid ungodly sums of money to make shit up. The exact year of the collapse is unknown, 2015 is only a close estimate. The collapse of our economy is not a given, and probably won't happen. However, these effects are not a stretch of the imagination, and like all graphic novels, a slight re-imagining of the world must take place. All in all, I think it sounds reasonable, if you believe the economists prediction.

Continuing on, all revolutions must have a leader, otherwise no one will rage against the machine. This is a pondering point, if you decide to delve into the history of the world and perhaps make the leader a secret character or main character. The important fact be that the revolution is organized, for no unorganized revolution has any hope of defeating an organized and well-funded modern government. Mobs and riots can be taken care of, guerrilas are a different matter. Facing an organized resistance, the American government would no doubt be focused within, allowing its many enemies a chance to take advantage and attack en masse. The allies of America, that is, the nations that profit from America, would no doubt rally to its defense in pursuit of its own gain. Effectively starting another World War. However, due to America's flailing economy, the allied nations would also be in a state of disarray, leaving them in a weak position to take out America's enemies. This would inevitably lead (in this fantasy world) to total melt-down. Every nation would fall, as the domino effect of treaties that started both World Wars again leads into another epic war that no one is equipped to deal with. The use of nuclear weapons can go either way, yes or no.

Hey look, in this twisted reality, Bush was right! America's enemies are poised to take us out! This would be an interesting add-on to the back story of the novel. Alan Moore used Richard Nixon in his graphic novel "Watchmen".

Posted by: delusionfade (delusionfade)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2005 09:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Part I

I heard something about the Watchman being turned into a movie.

So... Mr. Travis... would you just like to co-write with me? ;) Your ideas are grand and I could use your mighty brain cells!

I'm probably going to use a lot of what you gave me, and the idea of Canada and Mexico building troops to take over US is wonderful.

Posted by: Travis (the_fleem)
Posted at: June 24th, 2005 07:03 am (UTC)

It is being turned into a movie, and many many people are hoping for the best. As am I.

I couldn't possibly be a co-writer m'dear, as I am far too clumsy in my writing mannerisms. If you feel the need to credit me if you use a large portion of my ideas, I wouldn't mind a Special Thanks or what-not, but that is all.

It's your story, and your's alone.

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