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Words from Lampy

July 7th, 2005 (03:18 pm)

They say history repeats itself, and you change what is next. If you catch a shimmer of the crosshairs in Vietnam 1969 and catch another shimmer of crosshairs in Iraq 2003, there is a similarity... But they are not the same gun in the same year. The differences outway the similarities from minute to minute. To generalize an era with another is something far too easy to do and far too easy to destroy.

History never repeats itself. It only evolves in a languid manner with the occassional case of malignant distractions... otherwise known as technological advancements. We face each day wondering what it would be like if this didn't happen, but we cannot escape it.

In the past, we did not annhiliate half of our country with nukes. A country consisting of a sludge of cultures, flags, and pride... destroyed for politics and temper tantrums. This will not happen again in the future. The day this city turned upsidedown is now permanently history, and that is it. We cannot recreate this moment. Ever.

The only thing they got right is this:

You change what is next...