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New Ideas

June 22nd, 2005 (04:09 pm)

Almost every other graphic novel out there is somewhat identical to my plot. Or shall I say my grapic novel is identical to every other graphic novel. I didn't intend for this to happen, but I guess we focus just a bit too much on the end of the world. ;)

A list of what my novel and other novel's have in common:

The desolate land full of destruction and debris...
The killer strippers...
The somewhat superpowers...

But NO ONE has Lampy, thus Lampy will stay.

I'm going to revise and attempt a plot that isn't close to anything written before.
For instance, I might make the plot a bit more real than how it was originally planned. I need to research current affairs to make sure this whole civil war might happen and is somewhat believable.

If you have any input please share, and if I use your idea it will be credited.


Posted by: Travis (the_fleem)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2005 07:05 am (UTC)
Part II

In the end, a government of sorts must be intact in America, to prevent being totally over-run by another nation and becoming New Canada or whatever. Of course, this is totally your story, but I'm just suggesting that, as rogue nations rarely exist except in Africa, and America is in possession of too many resources to just leave to a bunch of ragaband survivors. Unless of course the rest of the world is too busy trying to fix their own problems to worry about America. If this were the case, an interesting side story could be of the growing concern of raiding nations like Mexico or
Canada building itself together enough to take over America and of one character's attempt to start a new government to combat them.

So in all, I have suggested what starts revolutions, how a revolution could be started in today's world, how to effectively pull-off that revolution against a modern government, how it would effect the world, suggested how a war-torn ex-super power would defend itself enough for America to exist as a broken shell, and essentially provide a suggestion to the background of the world. Once again, if I came off as if my ideas are the only possible solution, I apologize, and as always, feel more than free to use all my ideas, pick and choose, or ignore them all. I give them to you freely. You asked for suggestions, so those are my suggestions. Hope some of them help.

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